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Tha Dog – Scarlett

Tha Dog – Scarlett

 Produced uniquely for you
 Extremely sharp and clear colors
 Handmade quality frames from Spain
 Fast delivery
30 day full return policy



Poster – 1-2 days delivery

At Flamboyant, we believe not only that the motif makes the work, but also the sheet itself. We produce all our designs on 230 g Giclée print matt reinforced paper. The print is in such good quality that if you store the sheet correctly, you can count on it lasting a long time!



Canvas – 5 days delivery

We offer the market’s absolute best quality of canvas print. We use an extra strong cotton canvas, which together with our unique printing technique gives extremely sharp and clear colors.

The advantage of printing on canvas is, among other things, that the structure of the surface means that you avoid reflections from sunlight and other light sources. Our canvas print does not fade and can be cleaned with a wet cloth. A coating is therefore not necessary, as the protective capabilities are built into the print.



Acoustics – 5 days delivery

Flamboyant uses the latest UV printing technology to produce decorative wall decoration, which is also the most effective and durable sound attenuation on the market.

The acoustic image is made with a super sharp and durable UV print directly on class A noise-reducing stone wool boards. The acoustic image significantly reduces the reverberation and the print does not fade even if it is affected by direct sunlight. The 25 mm strong acoustic board has a structured surface, which gives a nice play, and is framed with a nice frame of your choice.








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